Vision and Mission

We envision music helping individuals to develop cognition, social intelligence and arts capacity in people everywhere including those in diverse and disadvantaged arenas.

Members of the Corona Conservatory of Music will embody the highest standards of excellence as we nurture our student’s artistry and creative growth.

We help instill the habits and disciplines of performing arts excellence within our students, as they develop their human potential through their performing arts

Core Values/Beliefs
Understanding that music is a universal tool for expression and is integral for unlocking human potential, we, the members of the Corona Conservatory of Music, endeavor to provide our students with the advantages of a meaningful music education.

We know that these advantages will impact the lives of those within our communities. We believe that all members of our community should have the opportunity to have their lives enhanced by a culture of excellence, hope and hard work through the pursuit of artistic expression.

  • We believe that the study of music builds human capacity, elevates the soul, and prepares our students for lives that enhance the public good.
  • We believe that music is the greatest means to achieve personal growth and social cohesion.
  • We believe that music contributes to the discovery of self-esteem, personal joy, and valued partnerships.
  • We believe that through the study of music at the highest level, students learn to seek achievement in every endeavor, to convert challenge into opportunity, to understand the nature of excellence, and to pursue their dreams with vigor and determination.
  • We believe that inspiring the imagination, cultivating the artist, honing the intellect, and developing the professional are the keys to launching innovative individuals who excel in any field.
  • We believe our students must have a supportive learning environment that maximizes the individual attention they receive from their teachers, and allows them to explore and develop their unique artistic personalities.
  • We believe in the critical importance of mutual support among faculty that encourages the highest standards of excellence and accommodates innovation, individual teaching philosophies, and a broad range of disciplines.
  • We believe that we have a responsibility to reinforce and expand the position of music in society by educating the next generation of music leaders, incubating new work, and sharing our art with the widest possible audience.


  • We will prepare willing people with the necessary skills to continue their personal development into college and careers
  • We will partner with student and their support groups in an undertaking to instill the habits and disciplines of excellence into their lives.
  • We will encourage our students, support groups and donors to recognize hope and participate in a healthy community.
  • We will position our students to compete for high-level opportunities as soloists, orchestra members, chamber musicians, conductors, composers, educators, recording engineers, critics and/or scholaWe will provide the community with high quality amateur and professional events that further an appreciation of music and performing arts in our community.
  • We will continue to develop leadership in the performing arts, thereby transforming individuals, communities, sponsors, donors, into mutually aligned organizations that support a mission to empower community through experiencing meaningful outcomes.
  • We will provide leadership as a citizen artists, building creative collaborations with diverse stakeholders both within and beyond the performing arts, actively cultivating existing and new audiences, responding to the needs of our community, and bringing value to the vitality and economy of our landscape.